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Griechenland - Greece


In Greece, fruit and vegetables have been increased by as much as 95 percent since the launch of the euro, according to a survey released by the Greek government. The Finance Ministry has already pledged to appoint thousands of price inspectors and introduce price controls on basic goods such as bottled water.

Consumer strikes
Price rises in Greece have led to consumer strikes. On 3 September, Greece’s main consumer association, the Consumer Protection Institute (INKA) called on Greeks not to shop, to refrain from using the telephone and electricity for a certain time during the evening. Some public transport staff even refused to collect fares, in response to the fact that some bus fares in Athens have risen by 50 percent since the introduction of the euro. This one-day boycott resulted in a 67 percent drop in food sales and a 76 percent drop in sales at retail outlets. Support for the action was reported to be 72 percent (FT, 4 September).

Public opinion
A survey done by the European Commission’s statistical agency, Eurostat, shows that 88 percent of the population think prices have gone up since the introduction of the euro. 

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